PURE - red 500g

PURE - red 500g

  • €32.00

Unique features

  • Matt surface | easy to print like PLA | reduced layer visibility


PURE from AprintaPro was designed as an easy to print material with a unique matt surface. Based on PrintaMent PLA it offers the same high quality and is as easy to print. The finished print has a rough surface Ideal for decorative elements such as vases. It offers a great layer adhesion and minimizes the visibility of separate layers.

PrintaMent Natural Line products are based on the premise to be eco friendly and so the material is recyclable and is delivered on a cardboard spool in a cardboard box.

Application: Prints that you want to be unique.

Printing Settings

  • Adhesion agent: Not needed
  • Printing temperature: 195-210°C
  • Heated printbed: not needed
  • recommended nozzle: >0,5mm

Additional Information

All PrintaMent Filaments are produced in Europe using modern production standards: During production, the latest in laser measuring technology is used to ensure that you will receive a spool of filament with a very tight diameter and roundness tolerance. Most materials offer a colourful selection of many beautiful colours which gives you a lot of options to perfect and individualize prints. PrintaMent is available in the diameters 1.75mm and 2.85mm and comes on a transparent spool which makes it easy to see how much filament is left on the reel. The PrintaMent Box has an indication window on how much Filament is left on the reel. Store PrintaMent cool and dry away from UV light to enhance the shelf life.

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